To appeal, to be heard, to captivate people’s attention: in a company that is geared towards appearance and good communication skills, Carole Girard and Sophie Dubois from BY SENSORY, will free you from your inhibitions.

We don’t get a second chance to make a good impression».  This famous quote by Irish dramaturge John MacKenna appears clearly on By Sensory’s website.  And that didn’t happen by pure chance as Sophie Dubois explains:  « the coaching know-how comes to us directly from anglo-saxon countries ».  Carole Girard, on the other hand, comes from the world of occupational psychology:  « transmitting self-confidence, showing people how to position themselves in their companies and helping them overcome their fears, are all the reasons that made me want to take up coaching.  Since Sophie and I were already friends and she specialized in sales management, I asked her to join me as she complemented me well with her know-how of self-assertiveness and ‘savoir-être’ ». Each one has her domain of expertise.  Carole helps people come out of their comfort zones, « allow » themselves to attain their maximum skills and identify their own talents.  As for Sophie, she works on the relational aspect of things « in order to help people assert themselves and to better channel their emotions when dealing with others ».  When it comes to first impressions, non-verbal communication wins 93% to 7% over the real, intended message:  in other words, what matters is not what you say but how you say it.  You are looked at before you are actually heard.


Along with a final touch on self-esteem, By Sensory’s therefore proposes a global method via the 3 principal levers of coaching.  It mus be said that importance is also placed on make-overs.  « We make an image assessment for each person as well as an image diagnosis of each company ».  Or how to discover yourself, take a 360° picture of your image and of your « savoir-être ». « After this first step we define, along with the company director, a tailor-made follow-up.  The objective is to obtain the best of one’s personal and professional image.  Everyone can find their own style in accordance with their physique, personality and they can improve their image and enhance theirs assets while not creating any personal upheaval.  To do this we must remain loyal to each person, develop everyone’s underlying potential and bring out their unexploited talents ». Carole and Sophie’s method allows to use one’s looks and attitudes toward achieving personal and professional success all while preserving one’s own personality.  And it’s worth noting that, you can ask your company to use the 1% fund allotted to training in order to take advantage of By Sensory’s know-how. No excuses then, free yourselves form your cocoons!!


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