Tamires Morena, Brésilienne en Bourgogne

Elle est la note de samba du CDB. À 22 ans, Tamires Morena a quitté les plages de Rio pour … Continuer

Sylvie Massu, Madam Cinema

Elle baigne dans l’exploitation de cinéma depuis toute jeune et a repris naturellement une partie des affaires familiales à Dijon. … Continuer

An appealing strategy by sensory

To appeal, to be heard, to captivate people’s attention: in a company that is geared towards appearance and good communication … Continuer

Engie energy female style

Engie, the top independent producer of electricity as well as being the top distribution network of natural gas in Europe, … Continuer

Mandatory English

Often presented as the obvious successor to the « Maison Boudier »,Claire Verdin Battault has her heart set in Burgundy … Continuer